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Nutritional medicine incorporates assessing the nutritional needs of each person and by applying supplemental and dietary interventions.

As a Nutritionist, we are trained in anatomy, disease processes, biochemistry and pharmacology to fully understand how various disease states can develop from poor nutritional status and how nutrients can be used to treat various conditions.

My nutritional and dietetics training gives me the skill to provide nutritional requirements and dietary interventions for Athletes, Elderly, Pre and Post Surgery, Weight Loss, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Cancer as well as other specialty areas.

These conditions all have differing nutritional and dietary needs compared to the average healthy younger person. In some cases what is beneficial in one condition can be dangerous in another.

With modern farming practices of harvesting barely ripe foods and storage for months, the nutritional value of our food in nothing like it used to be. This fact had not been recognised by many academics, until recently, when the Harvard Medical School listed ‘a multivitamin for most’ in their food pyramid.

In our consultation we will discuss your aim and examine your current dietary and nutritional intake and how that may or may not be contributing to you achieving success and what we need to do to achieve your goal.

As a nutritionist, I am also skilled in providing the best form of nutrients to give you maximum absorption of nutrients for best results – and we get several products made for us because of this – such as zinc, magnesium and probiotics. This is a different approach to your average dietitian, as we know that not all supplements are the same as far as absorption and assimilation go and how some individuals with conditions like pyrroluria and the MTHFR polymorphism have needs very different from the norm.

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