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RIFI Machine

A RIFE machine can be used for general ‘tune ups’ to increase well being or target particular bacterium and viral conditions.

Have you ever heard the phase the old ways are the best ways? This is so true when it comes to using a RIFE machine. Back in the 1930’s Royal Rife developed a device that could specifically target any organism and destroy it. Rife discovered the vibration pattern of numerous pathogens and their corresponding Mortality Oscilation Rate – or what frequency killed them. The greatest and most important part of this discovery was that the treatment was highly specific. Only the organisms you wanted to be killed were killed and there was no damage to surrounding tissue or desirable bacteria.

Compare this approach to the standard treatments of anti-biotics, chemotherapy or radiation, where there is more damage to desirable cells than the ones you are trying to treat.

By utilising the database of frequencies numerous pathogens, we can specifically target the bad guys and leave the good guys alone – all we need to know is exactly what we are treating.

Fox News ran this story on RIFE technology, where research from the Arizona state University discovered that frequencies could shatter viruses. Watch it for yourself…


This form of therapy has proven extremely effective in some of regular medicines hard to treat conditions. For example blastocyst homminis is usually treated with metronidazole (Flagyl) for up to 3 months to be successful, the resultant decimation of the desirable gut flora literally takes years to rebuild, whereas with our rife machine and frequency set, we have seen patients symptom free in just 3 visits – with noticeable improvement after the first visit! Another is Mycoplasma/Toxoplasma, these nasties can cause horrendous fatigue and are conventionally treated with anti-biotics for 6 to 12 months. The gut flora damage is massive and takes a lot restoration ( if you are currently undergoing this treatment regime, come and see me NOW ), but when treated with our frequency sets, we have seen most energy restored within 3 visits.

How you might ask? Here is a short video of RIFE technology shattering a bacteria


While the cases above are true examples of what we have seen in clinic, your particular circumstances are individual to you, and we approach each person’s treatment accordingly.

Treatments are safe and no discomfort is felt. There is no damage to surrounding cells as the frequencies are specific to the targets only – just like a tuning fork and a piano string – only the specific cells respond.

Treatment times vary, depending on the program being used.

We will routinely use the RIFE machine in conjunction with herbs and nutrient therapy to get best results.

If you have questions about your specific issue, ask us via email.

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