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What would you give to be able to halve injury repair times?

Whether it is a sports injury or recovery from surgery, treatment with one of our SCENARs could be of massive benefit.

Self Contained Electro Neuro Adaptive Response device– often known just as a SCENAR, has the potential to be the future of medicine. Sometimes called the ‘Star Trek Device’, we use 2 different types of SCENAR in our clinic. The SCENAR model pictured – the DOVE – helps repair damaged cells and return them to normal function.

Our other SCENAR has been utilised for years for anyone who has an injury and wants to recover quickly and reduce the pain of the injury.

In the right hands, we have seen accelerated healing of both muscular and bone injuries.

Programs consist of a series of 20 minute treatments performed in our clinic. How many treatments will depend on several factors such as the severity of the injury and how long the injury has existed and any scar tissue.

Contact us to see if SCENAR treatments might assist you.

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