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If we keep doing the same thing we will end up with the same result.

Australia has been called the allergy capital of the world, and this is not a title to be envious of.

It seems every second person has an allergy to something, and it impacts on daily life. Sadly, the answer from most doctors is a steroid based product. Expensive steroid creams for skin issues, inhaled steroids to help with asthma or oral steroids in the form of prednisone, but so many people find that this only gives minimal relief from the allergy symptoms and over time becomes less and less effective.


Did you know that a sensitivity can give the same symptoms as an allergy, but what is going on inside the body is a very different process? Testing for sensitivities is not something the average GP will do.

Now you can be allergic or sensitive to anything – it does not have to be bad for you or toxic. This is where it can get very confusing and difficult to find out just what bothers you.

Another issue people find is that broad statements like ‘you are allergic to dairy’ can be very misleading. The question in this example is really what exactly is dairy? We assume that this means cow’s milk based products. We see many people sensitive to milk, but not to yoghurt, butter or cream – so a test that individually tests each of these components is essential – and this is exactly the type of test we use. This way you get to build a diet based on foods you should eat.


How does your allergy/sensitivity present itself?

The most obvious for some is digestive upset with bloating, gas, noisy digestion, diarrhoea and even fatigue after a meal are all signs that you have eaten something your digestive system does not enjoy. This also means you are not going to get the full nutritional benefit from that meal. This often leads to low energy and for some, even sleepiness and the desire for a nap. If you experience any of these symptoms you need to act soon to find out exactly what is causing the problem. The longer you leave it, the longer the list of foods that cause you issues will be.


Other people can get skin flares, hives, rashes and eczema. These skin flares can take anything from a couple of minutes to a couple of days to appear, making it difficult to identify just what the offending food or item might be. These flares on the skin can last for days and all it takes is exposure to the offending item twice a week to keep some degree of redness and inflammation and itchy occurring. Just think, this is what your insides look like with food allergies/sensitivities.

The unfortunate others could find that sensitivities causes asthma. Asthma can be life threatening in extreme cases and a reliance on puffers for relief is not the answer.

We offer a comprehensive test and can support with herbs and nutrients to reduce that allergic load. Contact us to make an appointment to get an honest opinion on what can be done to help you to ease that daily misery.

Our Naturopath Clinic can help you reach your goals.

Feeling Great Naturally – It’s What We Do.

Products we have that can assist with this condition are Ultra Flora Restora, Zinc C Forte, Adalase.

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