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Immunity is key to our wellbeing and general health. Everyone knows how debilitating it can be when you get one illness after another.

What people do not realise, is that by the time you start to notice symptoms is your immune system has already become overwhelmed and you are officially losing the battle. The attitude of 'do nothing and see how you feel later' usually gives the bacteria or virus more of a grip on your body. The time to act is as soon as you come into contact with someone who is already sick or at the very first signs that you are becoming unwell. As some conditions come on so quickly, delaying by a day could add a week to recovery.

We have been specialising in getting people right again for many years, and in the process developed a few of our own immune boosting products that are exceptional in their performance. These products encompass both herbal and low dose medicines that can be used to treat illness and also be used as a preventative.

With our products, most people get over minor illnesses in a day or so, while others use our products to stay well and avoid the seasonal influenza – after all who WANTS to get sick? For most, a few drops of our preventer at the first sign of illness will see them symptom free the next day.

In combination with our herbal products, we also utilise Nutritional medicine to enhance the immune response. There is no point taking all the herbal remedies in the world if you don’t have adequate nutrition for the immune system to mount a response.

If you have seen your GP and been prescribed antibiotics, it is also essential to help rebuild your gut flora. It has been reported that it could take up to 12 months to replete the damage that has been done.


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