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Thyroid health is an area of growing concern, with the number of people needing support growing rapidly. One figure I read claimed 1 in 8 females have an issue – whether they are aware or not is another question. Drugs such as Thyroxine/Eutroxsig do not address the underlying reason for the thyroid getting out of balance. These drugs are nothing more than a synthetic version of the hormone/nutrient T4, which do not address why the thyroid gland is not producing correct amounts of thyroid hormones. In November 2016 an article was published in the medical news stating that Thyroxine was the most prescribed drug in the US and that ‘overuse is rife'.

The most common reason for thyroid malfunction is lack of Iodine in the diet. Many women will tell you, their thyroid started to misbehave after having children and this is because Iodine is heavily utilised by the growing foetus. Breast milk also has 40 times the concentration of Iodine than is circulating in the bloodstream. As there is next to no Iodine in Australian soils, it is impossible to consume adequate levels unless you eat seaweed every day. The recent visit by one of the world’s foremost authorities on thyroid health showed just how much Iodine is required by different parts of the body on a daily basis and how the RDI is way too low. When very few even meet the RDI of Iodine, we easily see where problems start.

Another key nutrient is selenium. The enzyme that converts T4 into the active hormone T3 needs selenium to function, and unfortunately selenium is also extremely low in our soils. So just like Iodine, trying to get adequate amounts of selenium from diet alone is difficult.

The third mineral that we tend to be low in is zinc. Much of Australia’s agricultural areas have zinc poor soil, so anything grown there will also be low in zinc. As zinc is used in at least 200 reactions in our body, it is another nutrient that we commonly see people low in.

Vitamin B2 can also help boost thyroid function. B2 is the vitamin that gives you the fluorescent urine. When the RDI is 1.4mg and the dose needed for some people with thyroid issues is 200mg, you can see where diet alone or regular supplements will not get you there.

Finally, antibodies can be the cause. Elevated anti bodies is where you have an auto-immune response and the body attacks itself. First action is to find what why the body is attacking itself. Often it is due to another autoimmune condition elsewhere in the body, that launches an attack on the thyroid as well. Regular treatment for elevated anti bodies tends to use T4 therapy only (Thyroxine/Eutroxig ), but totally ignores the reason for the dysfunction, creating lifelong dependency on the drug. There are, however some natural products that can address elevated antibodies and early reports have shown a reduction in antibodies within the first couple of months.

Products we have that can assist with this condition are Ammodine and SFM xcell.

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