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Uncontrolled screen time is hurting us.

Be it TV, computer, phone or tablet, these devices dominate our lives. I have been saying for years that these devices and the blue backgrounds they use are detrimental to sleep patterns and now a researcher from Boston has confirmed it. In what has been called the best study of it’s type so far the researchers found that by using an e-reader for only 5 days had melatonin levels drop by 55% and experienced difficulty falling asleep. In another study with teenagers, just 1 hour of mobile use reduced melatonin by 23% and for 2 hours was 38%  - very significant numbers. For those who find reading helps put them to sleep, the researchers also found higher rates of diabetes, weight gain and alzheimers. Something to think about....


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Who’s afraid of the sun?

For years we have been told to stay out of the sun or at least cover up so as to avoid skin damage. Well what we now know is that the cover up campaign has been too successful with vitamin D deficiency now the norm.

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Science gone too far?

Has the prove-it-to-me craziness of mainstream medicine gone too far? I recently had people quizzing on exactly how Natural medicine was ‘measured’ and they were not happy with the response of people feel better – they needed a blood test to show differences.

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Cholesterol – lies, lies, lies and damn statistics

Cholesterol lowering drugs turn over in excess of $50billion every single year. They can only be prescribed by a medical doctor, so that is a lot of scripts.

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Dangerous medicine

While researching a talk I am giving to some sceptics ( so I triple checked the facts ) I found some truly alarming statistics.

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Being happy

It seems happiness is elusive to the western world with over 20 million scripts for the drug Zoloft written in the US last year. And that is without the other brands !

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pH in the muscles, joints and pain

Where the very acid forming Western diet goes, skeletal issues follow. Clinically I have found alkalising for an extended period helps with arthritic pain.

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Stomach pH

With acid lowering drugs prescribed and popped like tic tacs they must be safe right ? Nothing could be more from the truth.

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It’s all about pH.

pH, or power of hydrogen, simply refers to whether something is acidic or alkaline. Why this is important is because different parts of our bodies have different pH, and we work hard to keep them in the ideal range.

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The importance of pH

I have written before about oral pH and protecting teeth, it was great to hear a dentist telling a patient the same thing to support oral radiation therapy as dental issues are a common side effect.

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The sky is falling...again...

Another flu season and Australia is low on flu vaccine, a fresh strain that is going to wipe out the planet,...blah blah blah. The latest new strain from China that is making headlines has killed 34 people ( out of 1.3 billion ).

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Watch out for the hype...

Just received another promotional catalogue with the latest and greatest in good health and longevity blah blah blah. The front page had copies of newspaper articles on how personalities had used this stuff in their battles with cancer.

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Why are some smart people so dumb?

The medical profession accepts only the top 1% of school graduates – the smartest ones in theory. So when a see a study like the following, you have to wonder what these guys just don’t get.

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Whenever you are – Be there.

I know a business trainer who has a saying “Wherever you are – Be there”. Now this can be taken in all manner of ways, but the slant on it today is all about stress.

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Latest news in heart health

Just read the latest guidelines for aspirin use and ‘blood thinning’ vs gastrointestinal bleeds. There is a great new calculator for your GP/cardiologist to asses your risk.

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‘New’ report on calcium supplementation

Well there you go, it took a panel ‘experts’ a few years and a lot of money to conclude that there is little point in taking calcium supplements for bone health.

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Want to live longer with better quality?

Today is Bridging the Gap day, the purpose of the day is to highlight the fact of significantly shorter life spans of Indigenous Australians (IA) compared to Australians of other origins.

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New approach to cancer testing

This story is spreading like crazy in the health world. A 15 year boy named Jack Andraka from the US has designed a new test for early detection of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancers.

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Its time to think zinc.

With the spate of unseasonal flu getting around, think about one of the essential tools in staying well. Zinc is a mineral utilised in over 200 reactions in the body.

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One for the ‘boys’

With fertility issues becoming BIG business in the Western world and IVF clinics springing up in all cities, here is something to think about.

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