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Dangerous medicine

While researching a talk I am giving to some sceptics ( so I triple checked the facts ) I found some truly alarming statistics.

They say Natural medicine is unproven and unsafe, yet here are interesting facts. NZ data showed 4 of the top 10 causes of death are medically related from errors or adverse reactions - more than 28% of the total top 10 fatalities. A total of 3 times more than lung cancer, breast cancer and diabetes combined. Last year’s US figures report 9 out of 10 poisoning deaths are caused by drugs, resulting in more deaths than from traffic accidents. But you don’t hear a word of this fact. What we do hear are idiots getting media time crying Natural medicine is unsafe, based on .....well no evidence. Wait until you see the cholesterol drug figures next week.

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Cholesterol – lies, lies, lies and damn statistics

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