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Fatigue and exhausted adrenals are becoming the norm in our society. By identifying the causes of the fatigue – be it overwork, digestion, poor sleep or infection - and putting the right support structure in place, we have brought about miraculous changes.

Female over 50 presented for fatigue and exhaustion. We identified likely causes of fatigue and specifically targeted these areas. Within 2 months was competing at an international level in their chosen sport.
Female late 20’s always tired. So exhausted that she needed a nap after the morning school run and was joked about amongst friends at falling asleep anywhere. We identified the pathogen that was causing the fatigue and after a few treatments, energy was restored to better than ever. Continues to be symptom free 4 years later.


IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Female with digestive issues every day, causing discomfort to often needing to vomit. Numerous doctors and gastroenterologists were unable to identify issue and all recommendations by them were ineffective. By identifying offending foods and a little nervous system support, we were able to eliminate issues within a month.
12 months later, patient continues to be symptom free.

A female mid 20’s presented with general digestive issues, diarrhoea, low energy etc. Had recently returned from overseas but had not been unwell while travelling. Symptoms occurred after return home. We embarked on an anti-parasite and gut rebuild program and within a month all symptoms had resolved. Patient continues to be well.

Female mid 50s presented with extreme fatigue and under care of gastroenterologist. Their current treatment program was not improving symptoms and involved heavy medication. After a few months of treatment we were able to eliminate all medication and patient was exercising daily. Further investigations revealed all inflammation was gone and only past scarring obvious. Patient continues to stay well managed 8 years later.


Blastocystis Homminus

Blastocystis Homminus or blasto as it is commonly called is a nasty little bacteria often called a parasite that takes some killing. As few as 10 years ago, blastocystis was not recognised as existing in Australia, and the view was that if you had not been overseas, you could not have it. Today it is called endemic and no one really knows how it is spread.
What we do know is that there are numerous support groups for blastocystis infestations as the symptoms are often the same as Irritable Bowel ( IBS ). Treatment has generally been via a 6-12mth course of antibiotics.
The program we use clears the blastocystis symptoms in 3 x 45 minute visits. We have used this process for literally a dozen people and got the same result 100% of the time.
Patients have ranged from 23yo females to 65yo males and everywhere in between, with patients who have struggled with the condition for a few months to a few years. Our results are always the same.
We have even treated other Naturopaths!



With Australia gaining the title of the allergy capital of the world, we see allergy drugs as the staple in many people’s daily routine. An allergy is called a hypersensitivity response and by working with the immune system, we can elicit long term fixes.
We have had dozens of cases of people having severe digestive complaints after eating. We utilised a Biocompatibility program to test the patients against 500 foods to produce a list of the foods to avoid. By following the right diet, digestive issues became a thing of the past.

A most interesting case was a male who was sensitive to his own perspiration. After exercise, yard work or any strenuous activity he would start to get red and itchy until he showered. We identified the issues and implemented a plan to change the makeup of the perspiration. Within 3 weeks problem was gone. With annual ‘tune-ups’ he is still symptom free 6 years later.


Skin problems

Skin problems and allergies almost go hand in hand. The skin is sometimes called the 3rd kidney, so when normal elimination is impaired skin problems can ensue.
Teenage boy presented for chronic acne. He had tried all of the lotions and potions out there as well as expensive skin therapy for many months. After analysing his diet, we identified some foods that were likely the cause of the acne. Within 6 weeks his skin was 80% and for the past 2 years is able to keep breakouts to a minimum with diet alone. He can always tell when he strays too far away from the eating plan!


Migraine - Headache

Teenage male was afflicted with debilitating migraines for 4+ years. Numerous treatment options were attempted using both drugs and natural medicine and nothing made any significant improvement in reduction of daily migraines frequently at 8/10 pain levels. We proposed a theory to a visiting Professor and he supported our treatment plan. Within a month of high dose nutrient therapy headaches went from 8/10 to 1/10. Pain levels continue to be managed with appropriate supplementation.


Immune issues

Every year seems to present a more and more virulent strain of colds and flu. Female 30s bedridden for 5 weeks with flu symptoms and extreme fatigue, body aches etc. Seemed like changing channels with the remote was an effort and was sleeping 16hrs a day. We undertook a targeted anti-viral regime with nutrients for more energy. Person was able to return to work within a week.

Female early 20s constantly fatigued and diagnosed with glandular fever. Condition had persisted for 5 weeks and they were planning an overseas trip in a week. We took an extensive wellness boosting program to have them feeling 100% normal with 4 weeks travelling Europe symptom free.


Pregnancy Help - Fertility

Problems with falling pregnant and staying pregnant is becoming one of the biggest problems in Australia with fertility clinics popping up everywhere. Quite ironically, the root cause of a couple’s problems can be simple nutrient issues. It has also been well documented that anyone undergoing IVF treatment is likely to have a much better chance of success when undertaken in conjunction with a Naturopath.

Female with a problem of recurrent miscarriage. Analysis of diet and lifestyle revealed a key nutrient was likely the cause of the miscarriages. Within a couple of months she was pregnant again and carried full term with no complications.

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