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Female, living on the outskirts of the Brisane CBD with digestive issues every day, causing discomfort to often needing to vomit. Numerous doctors and gastroenterologists were unable to identify issue and all recommendations by them were ineffective. By identifying offending foods and a little nervous system support, we were able to eliminate issues within a month.
12 months later, patient continues to be symptom free.

A female mid 20’s presented with general digestive issues, diarrhoea, low energy etc. Had recently returned from overseas but had not been unwell while travelling. Symptoms occurred after return home. We embarked on an anti-parasite and gut rebuild program and within a month all symptoms had resolved. Patient continues to be well.

Female mid 50s presented with extreme fatigue and under care of gastroenterologist. Their current treatment program was not improving symptoms and involved heavy medication. After a few months of treatment we were able to eliminate all medication and patient was exercising daily. Further investigations revealed all inflammation was gone and only past scarring obvious. Patient continues to stay well managed 8 years later.

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