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Blastocystis Homminus or blasto as it is commonly called is a nasty little bacteria often called a parasite that takes some killing. As few as 10 years ago, blastocystis was not recognised as existing in Australia, and the view was that if you had not been overseas, you could not have it. Today it is called endemic and no one really knows how it is spread.

What we do know is that there are numerous support groups for blastocystis infestations as the symptoms are often the same as Irritable Bowel ( IBS ). Treatment has generally been via a 6-12mth course of antibiotics.
The program we use clears the blastocystis symptoms in 3 x 45 minute visits. We have used this process for literally a dozen people and got the same result 100% of the time.

Patients have ranged from 23yo females to 65yo males and everywhere in between, with patients who have struggled with the condition for a few months to a few years. Our results are always the same.
We have even treated other Naturopaths!

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