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With Australia gaining the title of the allergy capital of the world, in Brisbane we see allergy drugs as the staple in many people’s daily routine. An allergy is called a hypersensitivity response and by working with the immune system, we can elicit long term fixes.
We have had dozens of cases of people having severe digestive complaints after eating. We utilised a Biocompatibility program to test the patients against 500 foods to produce a list of the foods to avoid. By following the right diet, digestive issues became a thing of the past.

A most interesting case was a male who was sensitive to his own perspiration. After exercise, yard work or any strenuous activity he would start to get red and itchy until he showered. We identified the issues and implemented a plan to change the makeup of the perspiration. Within 3 weeks problem was gone. With annual ‘tune-ups’ he is still symptom free 6 years later.

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