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Our Framework For Natural Healing


Our aim is to assist you in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, leading to an improvement in your own well being.


If we keep doing the same thing we will end up with the same result. Everyone has a desire to be healthy, yet sometimes where to start can be an issue. Disease or ill health arises as a result of imbalance, either from within the human being or because of some external force in your environment.

Our aim is to assist you in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, leading to an improvement in your own well being. Our Naturopath Clinic in Cleveland, Redlands can help you reach your goals.

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Naturopathy & Nutrition FAQs

  • What is a Naturopath?

    A Naturopath works to improve the body’s own healing capacity using a holistic approach of working with the body’s natural processes to return to optimal health. As a health profession, Naturopathy covers a wide range of healing modalities including nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy. Garry is also a qualified iridologist.

    Garry uses a combination of nutritional and herbal medicines as well as other scientifically proven therapies to return his clients to a state of health they are looking for.

  • What qualifications does Garry have?

    Garry Borman is a degree qualified Naturopath, with herbal medicine and nutritional medicine qualifications. Garry graduated with an Award for Clinical Excellence. He has been in private practice for over 10 years. When he’s not seeing patients, Garry is actively researching and developing niche market products to help clients experiencing immune issues, joint pain, IBS, snoring, colic in babies and low energy among other conditions. Some of his products lovingly known as ‘Kill Everything’ and ‘Cough Crusher’ almost have a cult following amongst patients due their ability to get people feeling better incredibly fast.

  • How long will my Naturopathic consultation take?

    As a holistic therapist, a naturopath will generally spend up to 90 minutes initially to discuss your health. You will be asked questions about your daily habits including diet, general lifestyle, family health history and reviewing current medications and supplements. These questions enable Garry to get a clear picture of your overall health so that he can determine the best course of action for your individual needs.

  • When will my symptoms subside?

    The progress of your health will depend upon many different factors, including your age, current health, and the severity of your symptoms. Some patients experience benefits within days while others take longer to receive the full benefit of the herbal medicines or a new health regime. Most remedies provided are not “quick fix” solutions like pharmacy medicines, the idea is to fix the cause rather than just addressing the symptoms and this can sometimes take time.

Naturopathy & Nutrition FAQs

  • Should I stop taking my prescription medications?

    Your Naturopath looks at your overall health and this includes any prescription medications and you will need to discuss with Garry any medications or supplements that you’re currently taking. You will not be asked to stop taking your medications, however Garry will ensure that any herbal medicines do not interfere with or cause issues with your prescription medications.

  • Do I need to keep seeing the Naturopath for years?

    Garry is here to guide you on your journey to wellness and education is a large part of that. The amount of visits is usually determined by how severe or long standing the condition is and how frequently we need to assess the progress.

    Many clients find that there are certain nutrients that they need to maintain optimum health. This can often be achieved through changes to diet or lifestyle. Some clients find that by avoiding some foods they achieve wellness. Every client is different, however, many clients do not need ongoing visits or ongoing treatment.

    Just like you get your car checked and serviced regularly, a visit to the Naturopath every 6 or 12 months is a great idea for everybody to make sure what they are taking or doing is still relevant to their needs.

  • Is your herbal medicine safe?

    Natural herbs were the main way in which we treated human disease for hundreds of years. Many prescription medicines are made from plants or were developed using ingredients found in plants. As a degree qualified nutritionist, with over 10 years experience, Garry ensures that remedies provided will not interact with existing medications. Herbal medicines correctly prescribed by a qualified herbalist or naturopath are very safe with no recorded fatalities in Australia.

  • Where in Brisbane is your clinic located?

    Our clinic is located on Brisbane’s bayside within Redlands Coast. Our rooms are located in Cleveland, walking distance to Cleveland State High. Our clinic services patients from all suburbs within Redland City and beyond, including the Bay Islands.

    Our clinic was previously located in Victoria Point but we find that our Cleveland rooms are a more central location, particularly for clients located in Thornlands, Ormiston, Alexandra Hills and Capalaba.

    We have many patients who travel from Brisbane City, Logan and throughout Brisbane suburbs to visit our clinic in Cleveland and experience remedies which are life changing!

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